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Feed Chain Alliance Documents


We publish each Feed Chain Alliance document in 2 different ways:


  • Once with marked changes: ideal when a new version of a document is published. That way you will always know exactly what has changed compared to the previous version.


  • Once without marked changes : clear and transparent. Handy to run through the document or to search for specific information.


Which documents apply to my company?



Part APart BPart C

















Partie B

Part BSector based requirements (National and International)


BC-00 - Introduction (v0.3 - 211016)  716.00 KB
BC-01 - General provisions (v0.9 - 150318) 502.77 KB
BC-02 - Production of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions (v0.4 - 310317) 808.65 KB
BC-03 - Trade in animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions (v0.1 - 211016)  710.70 KB
BC-04 - Storage and transshipment of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complimentary provisions (v0.2 - 211016)  540.42 KB
BC-05 - Road transport of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions (v0.4 - 151118)  555.78 KB
BC-06 - Chartering of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing' via inland waterway (v0.1 - 211016)  657.83 KB
BC-07 - Chartering of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing' via marine transport (v0.1 - 211016)  581.17 KB
BC-08 - Hygiene Code for inland waterway and coastal transport (v0.3 - 210820) 966.89 KB
BC-09 - Organisation of a transport of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing' by rail (specialised wagons) (v0.1b - 041217) 705.75 KB
BC-10 - Meat stores producing Category 3 material - Technical prescriptions (v0.7 - 250419) 978.58 KB

BT-01 - Additional standards for animal feed and by-products for reprocessing (v0.16 - 280820) 1,346.21 KB
BT-02 - Purchase-General provisions (v0.22 - 010122) 1,230.18 KB
BT-03 - Purchase : Special provisions (v0.2 - 211016) 724.09 KB
BT-04-00 - Purchase: Specific purchase protocols - Introduction (v1.00 270820) 489.87 KB
BT04-01_v1.00b-200827.EN.pdf 829.46 KB
BT-04-02 - Purchase: Specific purchase protocols - Module 2 (v1.00 270820) 1,024.94 KB
BT-04-03 - Purchase: Specific purchase protocols - Module 3 (v1.00 270820) 845.93 KB
BT-04-04 - Purchase: Specific purchase protocols - Module 4 (v1.00 270820) 726.43 KB
BT-05 - Sector based monitoring (v0.2 - 211016) 639.09 KB
BT-06 - Road transport : Complementary provisions (v1.4b - 290719)  651.36 KB
BT-07 - Food companies (v0.4 - 030718) 1,608.13 KB
BT-08 - Homogeneity and cross-contamination (v0.3 - 211016) 658.89 KB
BT-09 - Storage and transhipment (v0.1 - 211016) 669.50 KB
BT-10 - Intermediaries (v0.1 - 211016) 658.77 KB
BT-11 - Sampling and analysis (v0.6 - 230218) 2,052.64 KB
BT-12 - Execution of internal audits (v0.5 - 211016)  674.42 KB
BT-13 - Control Salmonella (v0.2 - 211016)  657.70 KB
BT-14 - Negative list (v0.4 - 060318) 1,481.25 KB
BT-15 - Monitoring of dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs in fats, oils and other products (v0.2 - 010317) 1,118.14 KB
BT-16 - Temporary Monitoring (v1.28b - 170919) 672.21 KB
BT-16 - Risk categories for countries 2020-2021 (v1.32 - 271221).EN 193.22 KB
BT-16 - Risk categories for countries 2021-2022 (v1.33 - 271221).EN 192.43 KB
BT-17 - Incident and crisis management (v0.3 - 151217)  566.00 KB
BT-18 - Direct shipping from farms (v0.1 - 300620) 937.30 KB















 Specific requirements

Delivery of feed to Dutch dairy farmers


Delivery of feed to dutch dairy farmers









 Information documents


Starting with the Feed Chain Alliance Standard

- Manual "Introduction to the Feed Chain Alliance Standard"

- Leaflet "The FCA Standard, the quality assurance for the animale feed sector"

- Leaflet "The FCA Standard for the inland waterways sector" (French)



Documents for road transporters

- Road sheet

- Road sheet (for agriculture companies)

- Summary form for inland waterway transports



Product sheet

The product sheet is an instrument with which a feed materials producer proves to its buyer that the delivered product complies with the requirements (see FCA document AT-07).



Information document for international export

It is essential for companies wishing to export animal feed at international level to indicate the value of their FCA certification. The document "Introduction to the Feed Chain Alliance Standard" is a major asset for this purpose.


Fight against fraud

Fraud is also present in the animal feed sector. The document "How to prevent fraud in your company?" helps you to question yourself on the vulnerability of your business to fraud while presenting you with possible ways to avoid it.



Annual Report OVOCOM

In the Annual Report OVOCOM, you will discover all about OVOCOM, but you will also learn how to organize a meeting in the event of a terrorist threat, who uses a smartphone for the latest sector information and why OVOCOM likes to go in Champagne ...


Supplier-product combination

Excel document ‘Supplier-product combination’  which can be used for the follow-up of the ‘Supplier-product combinations’. 
Word document ‘Help in managing the ‘supplier/product combinations’.


Examples of processed feed materials

The Excel document ‘Examples of processed feed materials’ can be downloaded by clicking the link.





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