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G-001 - Self-checking Guide Animal Feed

Self-checking: a legal requirement


Any operator, belonging to the food or feed sector, must make sure that the products he places on the market are in compliance with legal requirements in terms of food safety and traceability. Parallel to the official controls performed by the competent authorities, companies are implementing a battery for the internal audits : self-checking.

In Belgium, the competent authorities have specifically defined the legal framework of the self-checking (Royal Decree of 14 November 2003). All Belgian companies operating in the food or feed sector should have such a self-checking system. All steps are involved : production, trade, distribution, transport, …


What is a self-checking guide ?


To help companies develop their self-checking system, the sectors have the option to draft their guides.

To this end, OVOCOM has developed a document which shall allow companies to draft their own self-checking guide. The guide in question is reviewed on a regular basis and is approved by the Belgian nation authorities. The ‘Self-checking guide Animal Feed’ was the first guide to be submitted to the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC). It was for this particular reason that the guide received the Number ‘G-001’.

The Self-checking guide Animal Feed, is the only guide with a vertical structure, which makes it quite unique in its approach. Indeed, all links within the feed sector are concerned. G-001 is only applicable for Belgian companies. Belgian companies having a valid self-checking guide (a FASFC verification, or certification by an approved body) will receive a discount on the contribution owed to the FASFC.


Equivalence with the FCA Standard


The FCA Feed Chain Alliance standard is a kind of ‘Super-Guide’, more complete and more accurate, it contains the statutory requirements ( supplier evaluation, additional standards, etc). FCA  certified companies already have a Self-checking Guide in place. For Belgian companies belonging to the feed sector, it is a distinct advantage! FCA companies already meet the legal obligation  as regards the implementation of a Self-checking Guide.

It is for this particular reason that the possibility for combined audits  ‘Guide G-001 / FCA’ have been developed. Many FCA certified companies may also certify companies in relation to the requirements contained in the Guide G-001 ‘Animal feed ‘.

Moreover, the equivalence between the FCA Standard and the guide G-001 have been decreed by the FASFC. One single audit and one single certificate (with mention of Guide and FCA) are sufficient for these companies.









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