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Why put your trust in a ‘Feed Chain Alliance’ certified company?


Whether it concerns local or international markets, confidence between partners is essential.

Expectations, depending on the various sectors, will be different, but the quality and safety of food remains a common concern.




Feed Operator


Cattle breeder


Transformation (agri food)


























International trade /
Mutual recognition









Where to find a company that provides certified feed or a certified service?




Where to buy feed or an FCA certified service? What to do when there is no supplier having an FCA certification?


As an ‘FCA' certified company you wish to purchase a specific feed, but the supplier you have in mind is not certified ‘Feed Chain Alliance’. What to do ?


Of course, the easiest way would be that your supplier also obtains a ‘Feed Chain Alliance’ certification. That way, you will have the guarantee that you supplier applies objectives such as quality and security described in the same standard as yours.


But, this is not always possible. Which is why OVOCOM maintains regular contact with other standard owners. These exchanges and comparisons shall make it possible to highlight the similarities and differences. Some of these systems were considered as being able to provide sufficient guarantees, whereas other systems required additional controls.

Those comparisons are integrated into a specific document, intended for FCA companies. This document includes the entire set of qualifications and conditions, which suppliers and service providers are required to apply (document ‘BT-02 - Purchase : General provisions’).

Those qualifications are listed in function of the type of feed that may be of use to you (additives, premixtures, feed materials, compound feed) and the services you wish to call upon (transport, storage/handling, chartering).

For a supplier, who is not yet holder of a certification, OVOCOM has implemented a limited number of exceptions, while yet allowing the purchase under very strict conditions, especially in terms of control and transparency. These are specific protocols intended for certain products, not often available on the market, or if they are, in very small quantities. This way, companies may continue to develop innovative feed without jeopardizing quality and safety.


In order to find a certified FCA supplier or service provider a list updated on a regular basis, is made available here.




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