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9. Monitoring of Aflatoxine B1 in maize

A reassessment of the risk classification of countries (see FCA-document ‘BT-16: Temporary Monitoring’), based on Aflatoxine results received, has lead to the following changes :

The risk classification of Croatia and Spain changes from ‘Medium’ to ‘Low’.


The periodic assessment is based on the received analysis results, which FCA certified companies are required to submit, and on analysis results from other feed certification schemes, and also on RASFF-notifications relating to Aflatoxine B1 in maize.


If your company, in the context of this Protocol, has analysis results for Aflatoxine B1 in maize, be sure to send them to info@ovocom.be! This also applies if you yourself did not have the analysis performed, but you’ve received the analysis results from your supplier.

02 Feb 2017


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