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70. Modification of the FCA document ‘CC-01: Certification rules’

Some changes were made to the Certification Rules of the FCA Standard. It concerns the following modifications:


  1. Auditor files – Addition of the scope ‘MH’ to the exam type 1. As of now, the auditors who pass the exam type 1 can also qualify for the scope  ‘MH’: Trade in animal compound feed produced by third parties.
  2. The fully unannounced audit for FCA companies located in the Netherlands. This modification is of importance only for companies situated in the Netherlands. Prior notification (24 hours in advance) is no longer allowed. These companies can, if they wish, inform their certification body about 15 days a year during which these audits cannot take place (e.g. due to annual maintenance, pre-established closing days, …).
  3. Adjustments of processes (and respective denominations) in Annex 1, following the publication of the new list of processes published in the European catalogue of feed materials.


You will find more details of these modifications on our website. The changes in this document are marked in grey text. The document is also consultable in a version without indicated changes.

31 Oct 2017


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