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52. Modification of FCA document BC-05

Document BC-05 (‘Road transport of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions’) has been modified in order to clarify several points concerning guaranteed transporters:


  • Guaranteed transporters undertake to carry out transport of goods exclusively on behalf of one FCA certified company (the guaranteeing company).
  • The guaranteed transporters may never outsource their transport orders.


These requirements were already partially included in the document CC-01 (point 8.8) but were not generally known.


How to identify a guaranteed transporter?

The guaranteed transporter receives an FCA certificate or attestation which mentions the guaranteeing company as follows: name of FCA certified company / name of guaranteed transporter.


The changes are highlighted in gray in the document. The document is also available in a version without changes indicated.


A slight correction has also been made in FCA document BT-01, regarding lead.

15 Nov 2018


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