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Free animal feed legislation overview of 2018

It has finally arrived! The complete overview of all relevant feed legislation texts from 2018. More than 200 texts published at European, French and Belgian level, and consolidated into a single document which FCA companies, consultants and certification bodies can get for free!


You can download the document via this link.


You can even obtain the feed legislation overview if you are not FCA certified for the price of 50 €. To do this, simply email us at info@ovocom.be.


Are you curious to discover what 2019 will bring on the level of feed legislation? Then head to the OVOCOM legislation web page, which provides you with weekly updates on newly published legislative texts. In addition, this web page also offers a detailed analysis of some recently published texts, links to essential feed legislation documents and much more.


This document remains the legal property of OVOCOM and may not be share outside of your company. Thank you to respect this.

23 Jan 2019


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