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New purchase protocol for transport of hay and straw

If you want to purchase feed or obtain services from a supplier, the supplier should be certified Feed Chain Alliance (or equivalent).


In some cases, you may call upon a company that is not FCA certified. Various protocols to this means are grouped in document BT-04: Specific purchase protocols'.


As from today you will find a new module in this document, specifically for the transport of hay and straw.


Companies have indicated that there is a shortage of FCA certified hay and straw transporters in some regions, hindering the supply. Module 4 solves this problem.


Companies that want to purchase hay or straw from these regions may now appeal to non-FCA-certified (or equivalent) companies from this module.


There are obviously a number of conditions attached:


We have taken advantage of the BT-04 update to clarify some other FCA documents. The AT-05 documents (only the English version), BT-06 and CC-04 have all been modified, though no document has been changed at content level.


All these documents are available on our website. The new additions are marked in grey text. The documents are also consultable in a version without indicated changes.


These changes are applicable as from 16/09/2019.

16 Sep 2019


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