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Revision of FCA document ‘BT-16: Temporary monitoring’

The additional monitoring of Aflatoxine B1 in maize, as described in the FCA document ‘BT-16: Temporary monitoring’, has been thoroughly evaluated and adapted. This new version of the protocol is more risk-directed and enables a quicker reaction in case of actually identified risks.


Such monitoring must be applied by all FCA Certified companies concerned.


The most important changes made to this protocol have been listed for you, in the following table:

  • All possible origins have been classified into 3 different risk categories with regard to the hazard ‘Aflatoxine B1’: high / medium / low risk;
  • For each risk category different specifications shall apply in terms of batch size, sampling and analysis;
  • The list of countries, per risk category, concerned by this hazard, has been determined based on RASFF-Notifications, published during the past 3 years;
  • The list will be periodically evaluated by OVOCOM;
  • The new protocol is immediately applicable irrespective of the harvest year;
  • The protocol is applicable upon loading and/or unloading;
  • The sampling must be performed by an independent institution accredited according to ISO 17020 and/or ISO 9001 certified in combination with GAFTA approval as ‘superintendent’;
  • The procedure for sampling and analysis methods: Consolidated version of Annex 1 to Regulation (EC) No 152/2009, amended by Regulation (EU) 691/2013;
  • The analysis results originating from the application of the protocol in question must be communicated to OVOCOM.


The changes in this document are highlighted in gray. The newly published FCA document can also be consulted in a version without marked changes.

24 Sep 2015


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