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Transport : Whether or not to cover loading spaces

Covered transport of products has thus far been a general requirement within the FCA Standard. However, for certain products (humid, hot, ...), covered transport may adversely influence their microbiological quality.

Therefore, a possibility to derogate has now been provided for uncovered transport of certain humid goods. This is only possible under certain conditions :

  • Uncovered transport must not contravene other legal and / or commercial requirements ;
  • This derogation must be motivated and included in the hazard analysis of the transport operator ;
  • The instructing party must express its written consent with the non-coverage of the product.

The possibility of derogation in included in document FCA “AC-05 – Road Transport of animal feed”.

The changes in this document are highlighted in grey. This FCA document is also available in a version without indicated changes where the amendments are not visible.

25 Feb 2016


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