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Our history


OVOCOM was founded in 2001 and is the result of the active involvement of different links within the feed chain.  Indeed, from the very beginning OVOCOM purposely opted for a vertical chain approach. This chain approach, enhanced by close cooperation between all  actors  of the sector, constitutes one of the pillars of OVOCOM.


In that same year, the  first version of the‘Feed Chain Alliance’ standard' (formerly GMP Regulation) was published. This is a set of legal and sector-based requirements, certified by independent third parties, the certification bodies. Those joint requirements are communicated in a transparent manner. Each link carries its own responsibility.


Soon the standard was expanded by two specific inspection regulations: one for meat stores (CC-03), and one for inland waterway companies (CC-04).



Moreover, in 2005 OVOCOM was the first Belgian Organization to introduce a Self-checking guide Animal Feed (G-001) for validation to the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC). Both the scientific Committee of FASFC as well as the FASFC itself have approved the OVOCOM approach.

Since its creation, OVOCOM has demonstrated its commitment to the International mutual exchange agreements. As a result, several mutual exchange agreements have been concluded with other quality systems. This is part of a shared vision to stimulate as well as simplify the International movements between FCA-certified companies, their suppliers and their clients.



In 2015 the GMP Regulation was renamed 'Feed Chain Alliance Standard'





In the past 19 years, OVOCOM has become a committed interlocutor for sectors, companies, certification bodies, consultants and for the government. We are internationally recognized for the technical expertise of our specialists and our efforts for the links within the feed chain.


The Feed Chain Alliance Standard has grown into an internationally accepted and respected feed safety and quality system.






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