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State of affairs: Covid-19 and FCA audits


Adapted audit procedures are again possible for companies if, for certain reasons, it is not possible to carry out the audit under COVID-19. The on-site audit can then be postponed for a maximum of 6 months. The condition is that a documentary audit is carried out before the certificate expires, and that the company is not in an ongoing deferral period.


We remain at your disposal

The OVOCOM team remains at your disposal for all your questions and remarks. You can reach us by mail: info ovocom be.
However, our offices are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For urgent matters, you can reach us on the general number +32 (0)2 514 01 86 which has been redirected to one of our employees.




BT-18: Direct shipping from farms: new version


After one year of application (and evaluation), a new version of the document "BT-18: Direct shipping from farms" has been published, taking into account feedback from the field (FCA-companies, primary producers, certification bodies and consultants).










OVOCOM vzw is the consultation platform for the animal feed sector. It was established after the dioxin crisis with the aim of preventing similar disasters in the future. OVOCOM manages 4 feed safety and quality standards for the animal feed sector. Companies apply these standards, thus guaranteeing the safety and quality of their products.
More than 4,000 European companies from the entire animal feed chain apply an OVOCOM Standard. Animal feed transport, trade, storage and production therefore fall under our certification.


Our core values are impartiality and expertise.


Impartiality because we call on third parties (certification bodies) to check whether companies apply our standards correctly.


Our expertise manifests itself in the ambition to develop a complete knowledge centre around animal feed. We also deal with more than 800 technical questions a year and organise around 15 animal feed training courses every year.


You can also contact us for an extensive database on animal feed legislation, HACCP plans and much more.
















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