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The Feed Chain Alliance Standard

Why an external sector-specific 'Feed' certification?



  • Control of the requirements is performed by an independent external third party. This increases the credibility and value of the certificate issued to you;
  • You have a better visibility with respect to customers. The latter will recognize you immediately as a reliable operator for applying a system that is known for its trustworthiness and reliability;

  • The standard covers all activities exercised within the feed sector. Therefore, you are not required to obtain an additional certificate depending on your activities (e.g. production/manufacturing, trade or transport). One single standard = one single certificate for all your activities;

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  • The ‘Feed Chain Alliance' Standard is flexible and progressive. It adapts to the reality of the field and to the technological progress. Some parts are very specific, providing adequate solutions on issues that other standards are  unaware of (inspection of meat stores producing category 3 material intended for processing into compound feed, purchase and specific monitoring of certain products, etc);

  • The ‘Feed Chain Alliance’ system is an internationally recognized system, leaving doors wide open for feed operators. It is also recognized by operators from other sectors, particularly in animal productions, who include them as feed requirements. Feed, certified ‘Feed Chain Alliance’ are therefore, an integral part of the standard applied in the production of meat, milk or eggs;

  • Such a recognition also reduces the number of ‘client’ audits. The ‘Feed Chain Alliance’ system, by mere fact of its credibility inspires the confidence of buyers, by reducing significantly or even stopping more often their visits to your company. That is time and money saved … that you are able to devote to your profession!




Why a 'Feed Chain Alliance' (FCA) certification?




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