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What is an HACCP study?


HACCP stands for ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’. It is a study that focuses on food safety and aims at controlling the production and/or distribution processes in order to eliminate such food safety hazards or reduce them to an acceptable level.

Conducting an HACCP study is a legal requirement intended for all companies belonging to the feed sector.

The HACCP study is a step-by-step plan, in which all risks relating to food safety throughout the entire production and / or distribution process are identified and subsequently analyzed. As a company you will focus on a system that works for your company, and whereby you yourself will indicate the step during the production and / or distribution process where food safety hazards are likely to occur. You will also define the preventive measures to be taken as well as the controls you perform and also the results.


The 7 basic principles of HACCP

  1. Make an inventory of all potential hazards;
  2. Identify the Critical Control Points (CCP), points in the process where safety hazards can  be prevented or limited;
  3. Establish  the Critical Limits for each CCP;
  4. Define the “monitoring” procedure for  CCP’s;
  5. Establish the corrective actions for each CCP in order to prevent potential  hazards;
  6. Apply verification (a periodic check to determine the validity of the HACCP plan);
  7. Keep all records and documentation.


HACCP and the Feed Chain Alliance Standard


In document ‘AT-04: Practical realization of the HACCP plan’ you will find additional information together with some examples of the HACCP analysis for a number of processes that are frequently occurring in the feed chain. The documents may help you in developing your own HACCP plan.


Furthermore you may also consult other sources, such as:

  • RASFF Notifications
  • Literature studies
  • Information provided by professional associations


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