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IDTF Database

Why the IDTF Database?

Road transport is vitally important for moving goods from ports/harbours to feed companies, after which, the finished products are delivered to farmers or distributors. Once again, appeal is made to transport operators.


In order to organize road transport as efficiently as possible, transport operators shall optimize the occupation of their vehicle by performing successive transports with goods that are not always intend for feed.


It is therefore important to minimize any contamination from one transport to the other transport. To this end ‘Feed Chain Alliance’ certified companies can count on :


  • The knowhow of FCA certified transport operators;
  • The obligation (described in the Standard) in order to perform a clearly defined cleaning regime prior to the loading of feed.


In view of harmonizing all mandatory, specific cleaning regimes, OVOCOM and several other organisations have established the International Committee for Road Transport (for) FEED, or ICRT.


Together they have placed a database online which contains the required cleaning regimes for thousands of transported goods. The database is available in English, Dutch, French and German.


What can I find in the IDTF database?

You may consult the IDTF database in order to determine the cleaning regime that is minimally required before transporting feed. The cleaning regime shall depend on previously transported loads.


The online tool will allow you to:


  • Define the cleaning regime to be applied after transport of a particular product (if that product is not included in the Standard, it shall be considered as prohibited, and therefore, must not be loaded by companies applying the IDTF database);
  • Establish a customized list of products/cleaning regimes in one of the 4 available languages. A knack for those familiar with the International nature of transport.


Despite the joint efforts of the members of the International Committee for Road Transport, the harmonization is hampered by the existence of national laws. If there are several cleaning regimes possible for a particular product, and depending on the national legislation, they shall be rendered visible upon consultation of the specific product sheet in relation to goods to be transported.


The database is constantly evolving. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you cannot find a particular product or if you would like include a new product in the database.



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