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Selling to farmers


Delivery to Dutch dairy farmers


Since January 1st 2016, only companies mentioned on the  "White list" of NZO  may directly deliver animal feed to Dutch.


This is why OVOCOM has developed a specific module  – complementing the Feed Chain Alliance Standard – intended for FCA certified companies, wishing to deliver directly to Dutch dairy farmers :  'module I-01'


Companies belonging to the feed sector, who had a valid certificate in 2015, and who are applying the module shall be added onto the white list.


From July 1, 2016, 2016, specific supplier audits are performed in the context of this module. When the implementation of this module shall be fully operational, the FCA certified companies will receive the final approval for delivery to Dutch dairy farmers.



Concerned standards and labels

Based on the information communicated by the FCA certified companies selling compound feed to French farmers, OVOCOM has made a list of the concerned standards in 2017, and has forwarded it to Oqualim. The latter then contacted the scheme holders managing the standards, one by one, in order to have the FCA standard integrated as standard accepted by French farmer groups, by the processing sector of products of animal origin and by the large retailers.


1. The tables below show the situation on March 20th 2018 (source: Oqualim). 

Vertical approach by the French national federations (pork, beef, chicken, duck, milk, eggs) and by large retailers.



2. Local approach specific to certain food products generated by farmers, producer groups and private labels.



What to do if your FCA certificate is not accepted? 

If you cannot find the standard applied by your customers (farmers) in the table above and/or if you have difficulties to get your FCA certificate accepted by your customers, please contact OVOCOM (via info ovocom be) while specifying the exact reference of the standard and the problem.  It may be useful to attach an overview of the exchanges you have already had with your customer.


OVOCOM will report this to Oqualim in order to find a solution and to respect the mutual recognition agreement.











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