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Monitoring, an essential step in the management of hazards


As an operator, active in the animal feed sector, you continuously want to make sure that feed you’ve placed on the market is safe and of high quality. In order to accomplish this, you undoubtedly perform a number of controls, consisting of multiple levels of verification during the process and analysis.

The Feed Chain Alliance Standard includes the implementation of a large number of specific controls and analyses. The kind of analysis you perform shall depend on the supplier’s degree of qualification, on the origin of the feed and on the final destination of the product.

For the monitoring of feed which you (as a trader of manufacturer) purchase or produce, we have implemented minimum control requirements which are applicable for all companies. These requirements shall ensure a harmonized control pressure at all levels, which will render controls performed by external certification bodies, even more efficient.

These common requirements are laid down in document 'AT-05: Monitoring'. They are possibly complemented with information contained in other documents (BT-13, BT-15, BT-16) or with legal requirements (control of products from animal origin for instance).



BT-16: Temporary monitoring - memory-aid: in this document you will find some examples of the number of incremental samples that you are required to take. Different examples have been elaborated, depending on the size of the batch.


Individual and/or sector-based monitoring


Some sectors have developed a sector-based monitoring, which is based on the sample principles as for the individual monitoring (see document ‘AT-05: Monitoring').

That way, a sector may develop a suitable control plan for its members. Through planning and exchange of information, companies shall guarantee an effective control, while performing at individually fewer analysis.

The pooling of the monitoring is performed on a sound statistical basis (see document 'AT-05: Monitoring' and 'BT-05: Sector-based Monitoring').




Which sectors have estabilished a sector based monitoring plan ?


SectorPlan managerWebsiteTelephoneE-mail
Collection/Trade of cerealsSynagrawww.synagra.be+32 (0)2 512 15 50info synagra be
MillARMB /+32 (0)2 751 04 53info kvbm armb be
Manufacturing of compound feedApfacawww.apfaca.be+32 (0)2 512 09 55info bemefa be
PetfoodApfacawww.apfaca.be+32 (0)2 512 09 55info bemefa be




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