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Communication of incidents to OVOCOM: modification

The FCA Standard aims at limiting, within the Feed chain, any potential food safety risks, through proactive, preventive and sector-specific control measures. It is however, impossible to exclude for 100% all contamination.


Which is why an efficient incident and crisis management is essential. A quick and adequate approach shall prevent potential damage and shall increase the confidence within the Feed sector. To this end, a proper communication is required between FCA certified companies, certification bodies and OVOCOM. It is for this reason that last year, we published a new document focusing on this subject: ‘BT-17: Incident-en crisis management: communication to OVOCOM and to the certification-body’.


Now, almost one year later, the evaluations are absolutely positive. The new version, published today, aims at providing some clarifications, e.g. such a simplification of the decision tree.  


15 Sep 2016


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