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Monitoring of Aflatoxin B1 in maize: changes in risk classification of the countries

Following the amendment of the protocol, early September, and due to the new harvest (see  FCA-document ‘BT-16: Temporary monitoring’), a first evaluation took place in the beginning of this month, regarding the risk classification based on received Aflatoxine results.


Due to the re-evaluation, the risk classification of Austria changes from ‘Medium’ to ‘Low’.


At present, no analysis results (from samples collected in compliance with the methodology described in document BT-16) are available for Bulgaria and Romania. Therefore the risk category “medium” remains unchanged. However, we would like to point out that the risk classification of Bulgaria and Romania could evolve into ‘High’. And this based on the pre-harvest analysis results as well as bad weather conditions. You should keep this in mind if you should receive maize from such origin. If the actual results demonstrate a ‘high’ risk, the risk profile of those countries shall be adjusted immediately. 


This periodic assessment is based on the received analysis results, which FCA certified companies are required to submit, and also on analysis results from other feed certification schemes, and also on RASFF-notifications relating to Aflatoxine B1 in maize.


If, under this Protocol, your company has analysis results for Aflatoxine B1 in maize,  be sure to send them to info@ovocom.be! This also applies if you yourself did not have the analysis performed, but you’ve received the analysis results from your supplier.

20 Oct 2016


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