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New presentation of the FCA documents

You may have already noticed,  but as of today,  there is something totally ‘new’ on our web site: the FCA documents have received a complete new look !


Older look

New look





Given the many positive reactions we’ve received following the adaptation of our graphic Charter, we have decided to proceed with the changes, by applying them to the FCA documents. Here also, we have worked with bright colors, and with very distinct blocks of texts, in order to render the reading more enjoyable.


Please note! and this is important as it concerns (almost) exclusively a Visual change. We did not make any changes in terms of contents. We must however seize the opportunity in order to make a few minor changes, namely :


  • The name «GMP Regulations» has been replaced by "FCA Standard" there where it had not yet been changed.
  • Here and there, you may also observe a few smaller changes linked, e.g. to linguistic corrections.


Given the new presentation, each document has received a new version number. The history, present in each document, shall allow you to observe any possible additional changes.

21 Oct 2016


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