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UPDATE ! Increased levels of dioxin-type and non dioxin-type PCBs in Dried distillers rice with solubles

On October 6, 2016, RASFF Notification No. 2016.1369 was published. This RASFF Notification mentions the contamination of dioxin-like and non-dioxin-type PCBs in compound feed (complimentary feed) on the basis of yeast.


Further to the above RASFF notification, the Newsletter No. 64 (dated 12/10/2016) called for great vigilance regarding this type of product, produced in India. All the more so given that a first recall of complimentary feed products based had already been initiated.


Further investigation from the notifying Italian GMP+ certified manufacturer, shows that this product is the source of the combination ‘Dried distillers rice with solubles’. These feed materials were produced in India and, placed on the market by a QS certified Italian trader. Important remark: it seems that the Italian trader had commercialized these ‘dried distillers rice with solubles’, outside its certification. The product used was therefore not QS certified.


The diffusion of these ‘Dried distillers rice with solubles’ is currently unknown. Additional monitoring is therefore highly recommended for these Rice distiller with solubles’ originating from India.


Buyers of the contaminated yeast compound feed from the notifying Italian manufacturer as well as customers from the Belgium premix company, where the contaminated yeast compound feed was processed, have been traced and informed.


As a reminder, the entire set of applicable FCA Standards and action thresholds are included in FCA document ‘BT-01 - Additional standards for arrival feed and "by products for reprocessing"

26 Oct 2016


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