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15. Monitoring of dioxins: modification of FCA document BT-15

In 2012, OVOCOM and GMP+ International, respective managers of the Feed Chain Alliance Standard and the GMP+ FSA standard, defined a set of common requirements for the monitoring dioxins of fats, oils and other products from this sector. These requirements are essentially based on monitoring requirements laid down at European level.


This close cooperation contributes to a better harmonization of key elements of both safety assurance schemes.


FCA document « BT-15: Monitoring of dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs in fats, oils and other products » has been updated in order to include changes on feed legislation level, as well as to refine some approaches.


Among these, note the use of the names listed in the European Catalogue of feed materials (Regulation (EU) No 68/2013). The goal is for the supplier and buyer to be able to correctly identify the product and the monitoring that should be implemented.


In case the denomination used is not included in the European Catalogue of feed materials, only monitoring conform product class 1 (forbidden products –no placing on the feed market) or product class 2 (100% monitoring with a Positive Release) can be applied (see tables under point 3).


A class 3 or class 4 monitoring may only be applied for products of which the denomination is included in the European Catalogue of feed materials and for which a class 3 or class 4 has been identified in the tables mentioned in FCA document BT-15.


The changes in this document are marked in grey text. This FCA document is also consultable in a version without indicated changes.

01 Mar 2017


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