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39. Modification module I-01: Direct delivery to Dutch dairy companies


By means of this newsletter, we would like to inform you about how module I-01 works as well as about some modifications. Reminder, module I-01 is an additional module which is applied by FCA certified companies who want to deliver feed directly to Dutch dairy farmers (see website for more information).


One year after the introduction, OVOVOM has made some changes in the documents intended for the participating companies.  You can find these documents on the OVOCOM webpage which is dedicated to this module. The documents can be downloaded.   


Audits participants


The module must be audited annually, coinciding or not with the regular and announced audits, by the certification body of the participating company. All FCA certified companies who use this module up until now, have also been audited against this module.

If a company signs up for the module I-01, this module will have to be audited first from now on, before the company can be included in the so-called white list.


Supplier audits


Furthermore, a clarification has been added to the module I-01 concerning the realisation of supplier audits: The suppliers communicated in the context of this module have to audited according to a frequency which will be determined by OVOCOM. The purpose of these audits is to verify if the products and the associated dangers are covered by their quality systems. If a supplier refuses the audit, the Supplier-Product Combinations associated with this supplier will be removed immediately from the ‘Specific list of accepted Supplier-Product Combinations’. (LPC/CFP).Communication Supplier-Product Combinations (LPC/CFP)


The document I-02-02, ‘Reminder for filling out the declaration form of the LPC/CFP has also been adapted. The tonnage per LPC/CFP has to be communicated only when a CCP has been identified or at the explicit request of OVOCOM. So it is no longer necessary to communicate the tonnage for every LPC/CFP.


You will find more details of these modifications on our website. The changes in this document are marked in grey text. The document is also consultable in a version version without indicated changes.


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03 Jul 2017


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