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45. Follow up on regulations – June 2017

What do you do on Mondays? Every first working day of the week, we at OVOCOM upload an overview of the most relevant legal texts published the week before.

That way, FCA companies, certification bodies and registered consultants may quickly and easily consult the latest news in terms of European, Belgian and French Legislation (Animal Feed Sector).


The legislative news of the month of June 2017 is full of interesting texts which directly concern our sector. Whether it’s the rush before the traditional summer calm or the joint culmination of several projects , we were undoubtedly spoilt for choice as it comes to selecting texts for you! See for yourself: new catalogue of feed materials, withdrawal from the market of certain feed additives, suspension of a well known antioxidant and a circular on the use of insecticides in the storage of plants !


Read the entire newsletter (login and password required).


References of all texts published during the past month, along with links for downloading are available via http://www.ovocom.be/Legislation. This page is accessible to all FCA certified and/or ‘Self-checking Guide Animal feed’ companies through means of a login and password. If you do not yet have access, you can request one by sending an email to info@ovocom.be.

18 Jul 2017


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