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59: ‘BT-16 : Temporary Monitoring’ – 2017 harvest

Since 2013, the additional monitoring of Aflatoxin B1 in maize has been added to the FCA Standard. This monitoring is described in FCA document ‘BT-16: Temporary monitoring’.

The categorization of countries is frequently adapted based on available analysis results, monitoring data from before the harvest, information related to climatic conditions during the ripening and harvest, ...


 The categorization of countries is also evaluated at the beginning of each harvest season. This is a joint evaluation of OVOCOM, AIC, EFISC-GTP, GMP+ International, GAFTA and QS. As a result, document ‘BT-16: Temporary monitoring' has recently been amended. The new classification will apply from September 22, 2017 onwards.


Download the most recent version of the document on the webpage ‘Feed Chain Alliance documents’. The changes are marked in grey. This FCA document is also available in a version without indicated changes.

15 Sep 2017


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