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62. Inspection of meat stores: modification of document FCA BC-10

Following the publication of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1396 as regards the BSE status of certain countries such as Poland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Costa Rica, the Status of these countries has been changed (countries with a controlled risk à countries with a negligible risk).

This means that the list of tissues considered as SRM for bovine animals born and/or slaughtered in those countries  has been adapted (= short list).


This information is very important and should be taken into account during the inspections of Category 3 material, intended for animal feed. Those inspections are carried out, in meat stores, by inspection bodies, approved by OVOCOM in accordance with procedures described in FCA documents ‘BC-10 – Meat stores producing Category 3 material – technical prescriptions’ and ‘CC-03 – Inspection Regulation for meat stores’.

Only FCA document ‘BC-10 - Meat stores producing Category 3 material – technical prescriptions’ has been modified, integrating the new status for these countries.


The changes in this document are highlighted in grey. The FCA document is also available in a version where the changes are not visible.

06 Oct 2017


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