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64. Inspection Regulation for inland waterway vessels : OVC-04 becomes CC-04

The document ‘OVC-04 : Conditions for the appointment of inspection bodies for verification of inland waterway vessels’ has been developed as a procedure to OVOCOM and the inspection bodies when appointing inspection bodies wishing to be accepted to check if the vessels correspond to the FCA document ’BC-08 : Hygiene Code for inland waterway transport’.


This text has now been integrated into the FCA Standard layout as a new document ‘CC-04 : Inspection Regulation for inland waterway vessels’ (only available in French and dutch).


However, changes are not limited to the layout. In cooperation with the inspection bodies, some changes have been applied in content.


Some requirements have been clarified, expanded and/or adjusted as necessary. In addition, as part of the harmonization between the various inspection bodies, some practical examples of nonconformities A and B, for example, have been added.


The document will become effective as from 1 January 2018. This is a completely new document, so no changes have been marked.

12 Oct 2017


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