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80. Modification of “BT-02: purchase: general provisions”

FCA document BT-02 has been adapted following the (temporary) mutual recognition agreements that have recently been concluded with scheme holders Oqualim, Fami-QS and CSA / GTP. The document is available on the OVOCOM website in a version with indicated changes and a version without indicated changes.


The following changes have also been added to this document:

  • List of acronyms and abbreviations: Adding the abbreviation RCNA and BFA ;
  • Specific  addition  of provisions for purchases of feed materials for the manufacture of raw pet food;
  • Feed materials concerned by the intervention: extension to all feed materials and exclusion of grains (mandatory application of document BT-04 – module 1);
  • In the case of purchase of category 3 materials, reference to applicable purchase requirements for raw pet food manufacturers pet (point 6.1);
  • Adaptation due to modifications on the level of the GTAS certification.


In addition, a correction was applied to BT-11 document in all three languages. A new version (ver. 0.5b) has been published.

18 Dec 2017


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