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1. FCA Standard accepted by 'ketenborging.nl'

On January 2, 2018 the Feed Chain Alliance Standard was the first feed standard to be accepted by ketenborging.nl!


What is ketenborging.nl?


Ketenborging.nl is an initiative of the Dutch Food Confidence Task Force. In cooperation with the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), this Task Force has elaborated criteria (such as transparency and exchange of information) for private feed safety and quality schemes.


Ketenborging.nl offers food and feed companies an overview of accepted quality schemes, which meet these criteria. This allow companies to do business with reliable suppliers.


What does this mean for FCA companies?

Through the recognition of the FCA Standard by ketenborging.nl, your FCA certificate will be more valuable. As from now, you can indeed prove to your business partners that you meet the criteria of the Dutch Food Confidence Task Force.


Moreover, Dutch and international companies will henceforth be able to contact you through ketenborging.nl, which in turn creates potential new customers.


For FCA companies located in the Netherlands, the NVWA can ajust their monitoring: the risk analysis may show that participating companies will be inspected less often or less intensely or the NVWA can temporarily focus on other things (source: NVWA).

03 Jan 2018


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