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9. Warning : counterfeit FCA certificate in circulation

A certificate of the company T&A Logistics, located in Lennik (Belgium), falsely claiming the company as being a certified FCA transporter. This is also mentioned on the website of the company.


This company is not FCA certified. Neither is it verified by an OVOCOM approved independent certification body or listed in the OVOCOM database of participants in the FCA Standard.


The transport of animal feed by T&A Logistics is therefore not compliant to the FCA Standard.


How can I verify the correctness of a certificate?

Do not simply accept certificates from suppliers or business partners without checking on the OVOCOM website if the company is certified.


If you have questions regarding the validity of a certain certificate, do not hesitate to contact us via info@ovocom.be or +32 (0)2 514 01 86.

14 Feb 2018


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