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13. Modification of FCA document BC-01 : ‘General provisions’

Following questions received after the publication of version 0.3 of FCA document BC-01, it appears that certain aspects of point 6, ‘Evaluation of suppliers and service providers’, of this document probably still needed to be clarified. Hence the publication of version 0.4 of this document.


These clarifications focus on:

  1. the requirement for all FCA certified companies to conduct an evaluation of all its suppliers and service providers;
  2. the need to establish a clear link between the purchased product and the supplier of that product;
  3. the freedom for the FCA certified company to choose how to conduct this evaluation and to establish the link between the product and the supplier.


The changes are highlighted in gray in the document and are applicable from 01/04/2018 onwards.


The tool available to companies (in section FCA Documents / Informative documents) has been modified accordingly. The use of this tool is optional for companies.

15 Mar 2018


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