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20. Reminder: the transitional period for “GMP becomes FCA” is nearing its end

Although the acronym "FCA" is fast becoming commonplace, sometimes we still discover a reference to the old name "GMP Animal Feed". So this is why we would like to remind you of some important dates:


In 2015, we changed the name "GMP Regulation" to "Feed Chain Alliance (FCA) Standard". Because such a change may involve a certain workload, we have developed several transitional measures.


  • From 22/11/2018 onwards, the GMP logo will be replaced on all certificates by the FCA logo.
  • For FCA companies, the transitional period ends on 22/05/2018. As an FCA certified company, you can still use the old GMP logo until 22/05/2018. Starting 23/05/2018, use of the GMP logo will only be allowed in conjunction with the FCA logo. So take care of adjusting your documents, invoices, website,.. before that date.


We obviously encourage the use of the FCA logo, so don’t forget to take a look at the OVOCOM website, where you can download the logos for free. You’ll may also purchase stickers there to put on your equipment or vehicles.

25 Apr 2018


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