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31. Modification BT-04, BT-07 and CC-01

As announced in previous newsletters, OVOCOM consults with the other scheme holders in the feed sector to harmonize its purchase conditions.


Despite the fact that the guiding principle is that each supplier in the chain must be certified, this is not always possible for certain products and origins.


The purpose of these harmonization discussions is to create uniformity, to improve transparency and prevent abuse as a result of existing disparities.


It is in this context that most changes should be framed in these documents.


The technical aspects are covered in the document  ‘BT-04: Purchase: Specific purchase protocols’.


Module 1 of this document covers the purchase of unprocessed cereals by uncertified suppliers. Following the harmonization, this module has been adapted in different places.


The key elements are:

  • A change in origins: Italy was deleted;
  • Intervention cereals also fall within the scope;
  • Monitoring: the frequency of sampling and analysis, depending on the means of transport, has been clarified;
  • The notification of the analysis results at the request of a customer has been included;
  • Changes were also made in table 1 with regard to the ‘minimum analysis to be performed’.
  • Clarification of scope ‘herbs and spices’, only in Dutch and English version (this does not fall within the harmonization).


The changes to module 2 are the result of FCA specific requirements. The changes relate mainly to:

  • Minimum information to apply for registration of new feed in this module;
  • Addition of 3 new feed materials: barley, sorghum and buckwheat;
  • Clarification in specific requirements for sorting and sieving residues;
  • Point of attention for natural alkaloids in horse feed;
  • Addition of point of attention for Salmonella in sesame seeds.


Module 3 regulates the purchase of (former) foodstuffs in non-FCA certified food companies. In het context of further harmonization, this protocol has been adapted on the following points:

  • In exceptional cases, this protocol may be applied by a trader (see also BT-07, point 6);
  • The frequency of the supplier audit in a food company with a certificate BRC module 9 can be lower than 1/year;
  • The three-yearly audit by a certification body is replaced by a system of witness audits (see also CC-01, point 8.10).


The change in 'BT-07: Food companies' concerns additional requirements in connection with the use of the processing card in case of module 3 of BT-04, and more specifically to the intervention of a trader.


The change of 'CC-01: Certification rules' in paragraph 8.10 is the result of the amendment regarding witness audits under module 3 of BT-04.


All documents are available on our website. The new additions/changes in this document are marked in grey text. The documents are also consultable in a version without indicated changes.


These modifications are applicable as from October 1st 2018.

04 Jul 2018


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