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32. Follow-up on regulations – May 2018

In this monthly “follow-up” newsletter, we dive into one or more recently published legislative texts. These provide directly from the weekly overview of the new feed legislation, available on our website.


In this beautiful month of May 2018, three regulations regarding maximum residue levels (MRLs) of more than 20 plant protection products, including well-known insecticides such as chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl, used in the protection of stored goods, have been published. These regulations potentially modify the MRLs of all plant and animal products covered by this legislation… and they are many. Some MRLs will be reduced, other will be increased or remain unchanged.


What happens next? Can we get a clear and comprehensive view of the evolution of the MRLs for a certain product? When will the modified MRLs be applicable?

We will take the opportunity to give you some tips and tricks to navigate you through them.


Read the entire newsletter (login and password required).


The links of all texts published during the past month, including the ones in this follow-up are available via http://www.ovocom.be/Legislation.


Each first day of the week, you will find on this page an overview of the relevant legislative texts on European, Belgian and French level which were published during the last week.


This page is accessible to all FCA certified and/or ‘Self-checking Guide Animal feed’ companies through means of a login and password.

04 Jul 2018


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