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35. 2018 harvest: a small reminder for FCA certified transporters

Transport in general, and especially road transport, is of great importance for the feed sector. Indeed, a few exceptions notwithstanding, it is the only mode of transport is able to deliver to farms.


In this time of harvest, it seems important to remember a few key points to correctly transport animal feed.


Certified or non certified transport?

  • For all certified animal feed transport (such as grain, straw, hay, etc.) in bulk or unpackaged, it is required that the transport is carried out by an FCA certified (or equivalent) company. This way, the certification of the feed is maintained.
  • Packaged products (feed bags but also forage in small packages) are generally presented on a pallet. These packed goods and wrapped silage bales do not require certification.


Animal feed, (bread) cereals, litter?

  • Straw and hay must always be considered "feed". Even when straw is used as "litter", one cannot prevent an animal from consuming it. For this reason, the rules applicable to animal feed also apply.
  • The same applies to cereals. A baker wheat always runs the risk of being redirected to feed.


Load cleaning and protection

  • Whether it is before transport of straw, grain or another harvesting product, cleaning is always determined by simply consulting the international IDTF database (www.icrt-idtf.com).
  • Do not forget to protect the load against rain and dirt of all kinds.


Including a new vehicle in your certification FCA? That’s easy !

  • For a transport company, it is very easy to add one or more vehicles (eg tractors and / or trailers or a platform to guarantee seasonal transport of fodder) to its certified fleet. Just add the loading spaces in question to the inventory of the certified rolling material ... and inform your certification body (a simple email will suffice).
  • In the majority of cases, this addition will have no impact (or only in a limited way) on your fee (eg if the number of drivers remains unchanged).


By following these tips, you will be always in order to achieve feed transport.


Any questions? Then feel free to email us (info@ovocom.be) or by phone (+32 (0) 2 514 01 86.

20 Jul 2018


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