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36. RASFF Summary 2018 N° 1

The 2018 summary of all notifications issued by the RASFF (rapid alert system for Food and Feed) system has been updated until June 30th 2018 For these first 6 months, 609 ‘hazard/product’ combinations of interest to feed operators have been withheld (a 12% increase compared to 2017).


We do not aim to be exhaustive. The choice to include a certain notification depends on the assessment of the hazard and product. Therefore, microbiological issues related to fish- or meat-based food products have not been withheld, as this is a well-known issue.

Products intended for human consumption have been withheld, provided they meet the following conditions:


  • that the foodstuffs may also be used in animal feed (e.g. rice or bakery products) and;
  • that the identified hazard remains relevant even when the foodstuffs are used as animal feed.


As was previously the case, you can, from the headings of each column, select and sort on the basis of any information you may find relevant (e.g. all notifications considered as « Alert », all notifications relating to a group of products, all notifications concerning a same code for feed materials, etc.) The column « Remarks » was used to complete the information in the RASFF notification.


Here below, we offer some of our present findings which seemed interesting to share with you. As is always the case, the selection remains subjective, as the Excel sheet also allows other readings.


  • The table contains 609 hazard/product combinations, including 169 "feed" data (covering 157 RASFF notifications) and concerning 440 "food" products whose use in animal feed is possible (either directly or after processing (former foodstuffs such as biscuits, breakfast cereals, pasta, etc.)).
  • All feed categories are represented, albeit a large majority of these are feed materials. Among these, note for example:


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24 Jul 2018


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