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42. Aflatoxine Protocol BT-16 – modifications 2018 harvest

The risk classification of Aflatoxin B1 has been changed in document BT-16. This operation was carried out in consultation with AIC EFISC-GTP, GAFTA, GMP+ Int. and QS. The new classification is based on the weather conditions during cultivation and harvesting and the geographic location of the origin.


This new classification applies from Monday 17 September 2018. This classification will be reviewed in December 2018. The protocol will only adapted earlier if we receive results that require raising the risk evaluation.



  • India – high > medium
  • Bulgaria – low> medium
  • Canada - low> medium
  • Croatia - low> medium
  • Slovak republic - low> medium
  • Spain - low> medium
  • Czech republic - low> medium


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10 Sep 2018


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