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New: Focus point: approval and registration - exceptions

In addition to the usual weekly update, the point “Focus” on our internet page dedicated to ‘Legislation’, has been modified.


Our previous ‘Focus’ discussed the European requirement for approval or registration of companies belonging to the feed sector.

In some cases, it may happen that the ‘Feed Chain Alliance’ certification scope of a company does not coincide with its approval/registration.

Let’s examine this more closely on the basis of some examples.


In order to gain access to the point « focus », click here (through means of a login and password).


The exact references of all texts published during the last few months, together with links for its downloading, are available at www.ovocom.be/Legislation. This page is available to all companies certified FCA and/or ‘Self checking Guide Animal Feed’, and can be accessed by using their login and password. If you do not have access, you can sent an application by email to info@ovocom.be.

17 Aug 2015


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