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59. Extension of the temporary mutual recognition agreement between OQUALIM and OVOCOM

Exactly one year ago, four feed safety scheme holders (OVOCOM AIC, GMP+ International and QS) signed a temporal mutual recognition agreement with OQUALIM.

Since then, all parties have worked towards a more complete mutual recognition. From January 1st 2019 onwards, the mutual recognition will be extended to activities of distribution and trading of animal feed.


What does mutual recognition with Oqualim mean?

Companies which are Feed Chain Alliance certified may deliver their products to RCNA certified companies. RCNA is a feed safety scheme by Oqualim. RCNA certified companies may deliver their products to FCA-certified companies.


What will change on January 1st 2019?

  • The scope of the mutual recognition has been extended. From now on, traders and distributors of animal feed (feed materials, premixes, compound feed and additives) who are RCNA certified may also sell their products to FCA, AIC, QS and GMP+ Inter-national certified companies


  • The mutual recognition with the FCA and QS standards is valid only for RCNA companies which are also certified for the scope "unannounced audit." This means that these companies are subjected to an unannounced audit at least once per certification cycle.


  • From now on, interchangeability will also allow access to the technical standards managed by Oqualim, such as STNO. STNO is a protocol for the certification feed for animals “not fed with GMO feed (<0.9%)”. Companies may henceforth be certified for this technical module in combination with the standards for which a mutual recognition exists. Guidelines were drafted to streamline this possibility.


Future changes

After January 1st 2019, the scheme holders will work together with Oqualim on the harmonization of the purchase protocol for small quantities of products. The aim is to reach an agreement in this regard in the first quarter of 2019.


To learn more about the schemes which are interchangeable with the FCA Standard, please visit the page “chain approach” on our website. FCA document BT-02 lists the requirements to be met by the RCNA companies.


21 Dec 2018


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