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Warning : high zearalenone levels in sugar beet pulp and pellets from Germany

GMP + International has informed OVOCOM about a possible zearalenone contamination of sugar beet pulp and pellets (origin: Germany). ZEA is a mycotoxin that has a negative influence on the reproduction of animals (eg fertility).


ZEA levels of 0.08 mg/kg to 10.69 mg/kg (reduced to a humidity level of 12%) were measured in different batches of sugar beet pulp and pellets, harvested between September 2018 and January 2019.


The origin of the presence of zearalenone is still under investigation, but it could be that the extremely dry conditions and regional attacks of beet moths have led to the development of mold and zearalenone.


The affected customers have already been notified of this problem. No FCA company seems concerned at present.


GMP + International stated that at present it has only received notifications on sugar beet products from Germany. OVOCOM recommends all FCA certified companies to remain vigilant to possible zearalenone contaminations of sugar beets (and their derivatives) from Germany. It is also advisable to carry out a risk assessment in relation to the danger of these products from other origins.


At legal level, there is no standard or action threshold laid down for that mycotoxin sugar beet pulp or pellets. Nevertheless, in the light of levels observed (up to 4,96 ppm), caution should be exercised when using these soya hulls (incorporation in compound feed or direct sale to breeders) in order for the content of compound feed/rations, which will eventually be given to animals, presents acceptable ZEA levels (different depending of the target animal).


Here it is essential to ensure that correct information is provided for potential users of lots presenting a high level of ZEA.


As a reminder, all standard and action thresholds applicable in the FCA Standard are included in document BT-01.

04 Mar 2019


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