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Clarification on feed purchase conditions from an RCNA certified company

With this newsletter we would like to inform you about the requirements for FCA companies wishing to purchase animal feed from an RCNA certified company:


  • The supplier must be RCNA certified for the concerned feed.
  • The RCNA company must be included in the register of certified sites www.oqualim.fr.
  • The RCNA certificate must mention the fact that the operator must fully comply with Annex 1 ‘purchase’ of the RCNA specifications.
  • The RCNA certified producer must be listed in the register of certified sites of Oqualim www.oqualim.fr as a participant in the system of unannounced audits. The scope 'unannounced audit' should be indicated on the RCNA certificate. The FCA certified participant is obliged to communicate this requirement to the RCNA supplier and should verify if the company complies with this requirement.


If the RCNA company has the scope 'distribution' or 'trade' for feed and/or additives, the certification must always be linked to a production or a distribution certification for premixes and/or compound feed. If this company is part of a group of companies, this group should be explicitly mentioned on the certificate and all companies of this group should meet the above four conditions.


The BT-02 document will soon be adapted to clarify these conditions.

18 Jul 2019


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