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RASFF – Summary 2018

What is the RASFF system?

The RASFF or Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed is the European notification centre for all hazards notifications in food and feed. This analysis of the RASFF notifications is a very useful tool for implementing and the updating your danger analysis.


Synthesis of the RASFF 2018 notifications


Every year we carry out an in-depth analysis of all relevant RASFF notifications. You can read the full report here (only in French and Dutch) (members only).


In 2018 we observed a significant increase in RASFF notifications for feed:

  • 2018: 339 notifications
  • 2017: 257 notifications
  • 2016: 220 notifications


Belgium and Germany have contributed to more than 30% of the European RASFF feed notifications. This demonstrates that the authorities and operators of those countries exercise a high level of control on feed.


Table of the 2018 RASFF notifications


The entire overview of all RASFF notifications, issued during the year 2018, is available here (members only).


Other than the feed notifications, we also included the RASFF notifications on foodstuffs, as the analysis of these notifications offers added value for feed companies:


  • Foodstuffs and animal feed sometimes use the same products ;
  • There are more than 4 times as many RASFF food notifications  compared to feed notifications;
  • Former foodstuffs and the food industry auxiliary flows are often processed into animal feed. The RASFF notifications on food help companies that transform these flows to properly assess the risks for their product.
21 Oct 2019


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