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Purchase conditions : purchasing from a FAMI-QS or an RCNA company

As a feed professional, you find it important that the purchase of your products and services takes place smoothly and efficiently. But the differences between international standards slow down this process. So we conclude interchangeability agreements with the other standards to bridge these differences. This allows you to purchase your products and services without any problems.


We have concluded new agreements with the other schemes. As a result, the document “BT-02 Purchase: General provisions” has also been amended.


What is document BT-02?


This document describes all requirements for the FCA companies purchasing products or services from a supplier. These suppliers must be either Feed Chain Alliance Standard certified, or certified according to another standard, interchangeable with the FCA Standard (like GMP +, QS, Fami-QS, ...).


Important changes


  • Purchasing from a FAMI-QS company

From now on, version 6 of the FAMI-QS specifications will be accepted:

  • If the supplier is FAMI-QS version 6 certified, he has to be listed in the “Code of Practice” for the scope production or trade produced with one of following processes: chemical, bioprocessing, mining, extraction, mixing, formulations/preparations. For the suppliers that are FAMI-QS version 5.1 certified, nothing changes.
  • Feed materials and compound feeds may only be purchased from a FAMI-QS supplier if they are on the list of approved products on the OVOCOM website.
  • Complete compound feeds and medicated feeds are not included in the scope of FAMI-QS
  • The letter of approval is no longer required when purchasing compound feeds from companies that are FAMI-QS version 6 certified.


  • Purchasing from a RCNA International (Oqualim) company
    • Clarification: If BT-02 prescribes that an RCNA International certified supplier must be certified for two different activities, then these activities must take place on the same site.
    • Verduidelijking op het vlak van de verplichte vermeldingen op het certificaat van de leverancier inzake de vereisten van bijlage 1 en de intekening op de onaangekondigde audit.
      Clarification regarding the mandatory particulars in the supplier's certificate concerning the requirements of Annex 1 and the endorsement of the unannounced audit.



This document is available on our website. The new additions are marked in grey text. The document is also consultable in a version without indicated changes.


The modifications are applicable as from today.

13 Feb 2020


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