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Cereal harvest of 2020: new quality agreement

Producers in de the animal feed sector may purchase primary products in order to sell them as feed or to process them into feed. This is allowed only under certain conditions, which are mentioned in the FCA document “BT-02 - Purchase: General provisions”. Among these, is the use of a quality agreement.


As the harvest season is almost upon us, a new version of the quality agreement for cereals is now available on our website.


How does a quality agreement work?

In the months before the harvest period and the receiving of the goods, the primary producer signs a quality agreement and sends it to the client. This happens at every direct purchase of primary products (both of animal and of plant origin) to primary producers in the world.


Purchase of primary products in Belgium

In Belgium, a quality agreement is not enough. Purchases made from Belgian primary producers is required to take place under the Vegaplan Standard certification as much as possible. However, in exceptional cases, this is not possible; in that case, both parties can make use of a quality agreement.


For the 2020 harvest, be at least 80% of the purchases of primary products of plant origin should be made from Belgian primary producers with a Vegaplan Standard certification. The percentage shall apply, per group of primary products (i.e. all cereals (wheat, barley, maize, triticale, etc.) or all potatoes (consumption, transformation,…) on the volume received from the Belgian primary producers.

05 Jun 2020


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