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BT-18: Direct shipping from farms: new version

BT-18: Direct shipping from farms came into effect on July 1, 2019. After one year of application (and evaluation), a new version of this document has just been published, taking into account feedback from the field (FCA-companies, primary producers, certification bodies and consultants).


The changes are focused on two main points:


  1. The procedures of staff training and data exchange with the primary producer (commitment, on-site visit, etc.) have been clarified, where necessary. The aim is still for the company to define, according to each situation, the best way to collect the information requested and then to organize it. Similarly, the profile of the staff in charge of activities relating to direct shipments, and their necessary training, should be determined by the company depending on its own resources and the objective to be achieved (product evaluation, visit of the facilities, etc.).
  2. Since Vegaplan certification already provides certain guarantees, it became unnecessary for these to be checked not only by the certification body of the primary producer but also by the FCA buyer. According to the scope of certification of the primary producer, this new version details the additional controls still to be carried out by the FCA company. For certain scopes of the Vegaplan Standard (e.g. storage of cereals for more than 6 weeks), this leads to a reduction in checks, without loss of guarantees. 


This version 0.1 of "BT-18 - Direct shipping from farms" is applicable as of July 1, 2020.

This document is available on our website.

Changes are highlighted in grey. Another page on our website lists the documents without the highlight changes.

30 Jun 2020


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