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BT-04: Protocol: purchase of processed feed materials

The international discussions on the harmonisation of purchasing conditions, in which the main managers of the "feed" schemes are brought together, have recently resulted in an agreement on a common protocol for the purchase of processed feed materials.


As a result, the adapted harmonised protocol will be incorporated into the FCA standard, in particular FCA document 'BT-04: Procurement: Specific Protocols' Module 1.


Following the addition of this protocol, the processed feed materials listed below must now always be analysed at the time of purchase, according to a defined minimum set of parameters when they are purchased from non-feed certified suppliers. The protocol also takes account of the origins for which it can be applied. For the other origins, the purchase of processed feeds from certified suppliers remains the standard.


In view of the development of these protocols, document BT-04 has also been thoroughly reworked to facilitate both the application of the modules by the companies and the updating of the documents by OVOCOM.


The previous version of BT-04 was only one document, which was quite long and sometimes impractical to consult, given the growing number of protocols. For this reason, the document was split into several "sub-documents".


The proposed version 1.0 is as follows:

  • BT-04-00-Introduction
  • BT-04-01-Module 01
  • BT-04-02-Module 02
  • BT-04-03-Module 03
  • BT-04-04-Module 04


This is a more compact structure that makes it easier to evolve (e.g. by adding a new protocol) and to keep the document easily up to date (Up until now, the document had to be adapted even if only one protocol was changed).


In terms of content, only Module 1 (BT-04-01-Module 01) has been substantially modified, with the addition of requirements for the purchase of certain processed raw materials (as a result of the new internationally harmonised protocol).


The application of the protocol by companies is mandatory as of 1/01/2021.


This document is available on our website. Changes are marked in grey. If you wish, you can consult a version where the changes are not visible.

27 Aug 2020


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