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Modifications of the FCA document ‘CC-01 Certification Rules’

The certification scheme of the FCA Standard was amended in the following areas:


  1. Introduction of "administrative costs" (section 5.1). As announced in a previous newsletter, a system of annual administrative costs will be applied as of 2021. The document CC-01 Certification Rules now also provides the basis for this system, which is already applied for schemes CC-03 (meat stores) and CC-04 (inland waterway transport). The effective date is set for 28/02/2021.
  2. Addition of a clarification regarding the subcontracting of an FCA transport order by a secured road haulier (section 8.8). A requirement is repeated that is already present in the document "BC-05: Road transport of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions” (Section 4.g). The reference in the Certification Rules CC-01 strengthens the link between the two documents. This requirement is in effect since the last revision of document BC-05 (November 2018). Therefore, this amendment to document CC-01 is effective immediately.


More details about these changes are available on our website. The changes in the document are indicated in grey highlighted text. You can also consult this document in a version without indicated changes.

21 Jan 2021


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