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BT-04 Module 01-03 Purchase of processed feed materials and gatekeeper protocol

Purchasing from non-certified suppliers  


Purchasing from certified suppliers is the basis of the vertical approach applied in the FCA standard. International consultations (between the main ‘feed’ scheme holders) have recently led to a common protocol for the purchase of processed feed materials (processed milled feed) from non-certified suppliers.

This harmonised protocol is included in the FCA standard, in the document BT-04 "Specific purchase protocols" (reference to Newsletter 23 from 27-08-2020).

This new protocol has been in effect since 01/01/2021 and relates to the purchase of certain processed feed materials belonging to certain groups (cakes, pulp, etc.). The protocol also takes into account the origin of these different products. The list of countries of origin for which Module 01-03 cannot be applied, is included in the FCA document BT-04-01 under point 1 'Scope'. For the origin areas mentioned in this list, this means that the purchase of processed feed materials from certified suppliers remains the norm, and cannot be deviated from.

The addition of this new protocol means that certain processed feed materials, which previously fell under Module 01 of BT-04, now fall under Module 01-03 (e.g. sunflower meal from Ukraine or soybean meal from India). This also means that purchases under the gatekeeper protocol will become much rarer.


Effect of this protocol on your purchases  


If an FCA company wishes to purchase a processed feed material from a non-certified supplier of an origin which is not mentioned in the exceptions list of this module, this company should from now on (1) first report the application of the BT-04 Module 01-03 protocol to OVOCOM and to his/her certification body, and (2) perform at least the required analyses mentioned in the document.

The application of this protocol, from the beginning of this year 2021, also means that a certain number of purchases of feed materials, which were previously authorised via the gatekeeper protocol, must now be made via this new protocol (e.g. beet molasses, brewer's yeast, locust bean gum, rice bran, ... from non-certified suppliers established outside the European territory).

A document containing examples of processed feed materials falling within the scope of this protocol is available on the OVOCOM website.


The FCA document BT-04-01 is available on our website.


The three most important recommendations for purchasing from non-certified suppliers  

  • If you purchase processed feed materials from non-certified suppliers, and since Module 01-03 of document BT-04 replaces certain gatekeeper purchases as of 1 January 2021, it is important to check that your company is not affected by this new system.
  • For these purchases, you no longer need to send semi-annual purchase statements to OVOCOM, but you do need to report each application of the protocol in advance, both to OVOCOM and to your certification body, and to perform at least the analyses required by this module.
  • Other protocols are also applicable in this Module 01: cereals, (oleaginous) seeds and legumes (Module 01-01); herbs and spices (Module 01-04); etc. It is important to check whether one of your "gatekeeper" purchases does not fall within the scope of one of these protocols. One should never forget that the gatekeeper principle remains an exception for every purchase of a feed material!
16 Feb 2021


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