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Revision of FCA document ‘CC-01: Certification Rules

OVOCOM and the FCA certification bodies meet 5 times a year in order to have a harmonization meeting. These consultation sessions shall include, e.g., the exchange of information regarding expected changes to the Feed Chain Alliance Standard (FCA), practical examples are being discussed in order to achieve a harmonized interpretation, possible improvements are discussed, …


Recently, some changes to the document ‘CC-01: Certification Rules’ have also been proposed.


These changes are mainly important for certification bodies and their auditors. They relate inter alia to:


  • Introduction of type a 1 and type 2 exam for FCA Auditors;
  • Specifications regarding the execution of a Stage 1 audit for (guaranteed) road transport operators;
  • Clarifications on the execution of an extension audit;
  • Reclassification of the structure regarding the chapter on audit times and addition of a clarification relating to the calculation of audit times.


Some changes may also be important for FCA certified companies:


  • Addition and clarification on the use of a billing address;
  • Clarification on the contribution payable by companies to OVOCOM.


For more details regarding these changes we refer to our webpage “Feed Chain Alliance documents” where you can download the new version of the Certification Rules. The changes in this document are highlighted in gray. This newly published FCA document can also be consulted in a version without marked changes.

21 Oct 2015


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