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Monitoring of Aflatoxine B1 in maize: reclassification Ukraine and Poland

Already six weeks have passed since the launch of the new version of the protocol for additional monitoring of Aflatoxine B1 in maize (FCA document ‘BT-16: Temporary monitoring’).

As indicated in the Protocol,  the classification of countries into risk categories (high / medium /low) is evaluated periodically and adapted where necessary.

Following a recent assessment based on the results of the analysis already received for aflatoxin B1 in maize under this Protocol, the classification for Poland and Ukraine has been changed. Both countries go from a ‘Medium’ risk to a ‘Low’ risk.

The periodic evaluations are based on the results that FCA certified companies are requested to transmit to OVOCOM. If you do have analysis results for Aflatoxine B1 in maize under this Protocol, feel free to send them to info@ovocom.be ! This shall also apply even if you did not perform the analysis yourself, but received the analysis results from your supplier.

In order to clarify the legal number of incremental samples to be taken, we have developed an additional document, which you will find at our website under tab ‘Monitoring’ of the menu Feed Chain Alliance Standard.

The changes in this document are highlighted in grey. The FCA documents are also consultable in a version without visible changes.

17 Nov 2015


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